Advanced Nanostuctured Materials Design and Consultancy ltd. (ANAMAD) was founded to make laboratory materials into viable manufactured products. Our expertise is in the manufacture of materials that interface with their environment. We have the expertise to make laboratory scale novel absorbent materials, biomaterials, filters, large surface area synthetic or natural polymer sponges, multi-laminate films and composites.


One example of the materials we can make is the cryogel. Using the cryogel technique we can produce different materials with properties that range from influencing the healing of wounds to clearing water of persistent organic pollutants. Cryogels are a type of sponge with pores that travel from one side of the material to the other, they can be made chaotically or aligned, thin or thick, any shape, dried and re-hydrated many times, they can be made from almost any polymer. We have the expertise to take these materials and modify them at the micro to nanoscale, to enhance properties and optimise outcomes.


 example image of the pores in a cryogel